We have different types of stucco papers, wires, and nails that are available at an affordable price. You can avail of these products from us at a reasonable price.

Stucco is one of the most popular building materials that are used in various construction activities. It is made up of cement, sand, and water mixture which helps in giving it a hard texture.

This mixture has no limit on its use as it can be used in any form of construction activity like walls, roofs, floors, etc. The stucco paper helps in giving strength to this mixture along with other properties like water resistance etc.

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Reach out now to get paper and wire before applying new stucco.

The Purpose of Paper and Wire

Paper and wire, when installed correctly serves as a moisture control system. That protects your walls sheathing and your homes wood framing structure from Mold and compromised and costly lumber replacements . With flashing and drainage control your porous cementitious walls will be performing as they should without the need for major repairs.

Our Process

  • When we are repairing stucco with paper and wire:
  • We first “seal all window, door and vent openings on the wall with Blue-skin primer.
  • We install all sealed flashings on all openings and plaster stop wall termination areas.
  • Then we install “2 layers of 30.min tar paper with clear-skin sealing tape and tie into original envelope where needed.
  • Then “wire and mesh is fastening into the studded frame”.
  • This removes any dirt or grime from your surface so that your new stucco will adhere properly.
  • After cleaning your surface, we can begin applying your new layer of paper and wire to cover your existing layer of stucco.
  • Once your layers of paper and wire are in place, we make sure to seal them with another coat of mortar mix using a trowel or float knife.
  • This final layer will protect your repair work while it cures over time.