Stucco repairs


Parging Repairs

We provide a parging repair and rehab, retaining walls and custom finishes. We remove the major and minor cracks.


Exterior Stucco Repairs

Providing conventional Imasco pigment and texture matches, acrylic repairs and custom textures/finishes.


Stairway Stucco Repair

Providing you with stairway repair which can hide the ageing of your home. Whether it is a vintage concrete staircase or any other.


Paper and Wire Stucco

Custom Flashing, double 30.min paper and galvanized wire/mesh fastening all installs using blue skin sealing products.

Concrete Repairs and Floor Resurfacing


Broken Concrete Repairs

Have the elements, shoddy pour or the decades damaged or cracked and broken off some of your homes concrete?


Epoxy Flooring

This flooring can bring your garage or shop back to life and cover aged and stained floor with an elegant finish